For that reason:

  1. We will get to you in 24hrs or less.

  2. In most cases we can have your home TRANSFORMED into a VISUAL SHOWCASE in 48hrs!

Because this seems like it could very well just be our own opinion ...

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Welcome to our website...

Thank you so much for considering us. 

Our story is quite simple ...
We buy and sell a lot of real estate.
In this industry Staging is a MUST.

Not to mention it's the single MOST EFFECTIVE thing you can do to assure you Top Dollar, FASTEST for your home. 

Shake Rattle and Stage/Build is an Ultra Hip STAGING and Design company. In addition to staging we provide design and construction services to maximize the sales potential of your home.


"Shake, Rattle and Stage is now an integral part of my Real Estate Team. 

They take selling homes to another level! Their creativity, integrity, and efficiency are unmatched. They are very different from your run of the mill "staging" company. They are full service and each client and situation is looked at uniquely.

They make me proud to represent the home I am listing with the confidence that my seller will make much more money on their sale with a small investment!

They are "EXPERTS" at what they do!!! It is mind-blowing how they transform a property! The only downfall is that most of my clients want to live there after they are finished :) "

Kelsea Mazzocco, Sonnocco Real Estate Group